Collateral benefits of reading to your child :)

When children have been given a good dose of literature, the cute things they say are just different from other kids. I thought some of you literary-minded friends would enjoy some of these recent Lucy-isms:

When I turned on the twinkly Christmas lights for her: "Oh, Mother, you are too kind."

When her two-year-old sister found her lost pencil: "Oh, Zoe, you are so clever. I think we should give a party in your honor every-each day." (She uses "oh" as much as a middle-schooler uses "like.")

After some deep thought and playing with her fairy doll, "You know, Mama, I think fairies are real but we just haven't seen them yet. You don't know everything God made. I think one day he decided to make fairies for he had got tired of making people." (Yes, she really does use "for" as in "because" like that.)

I thought she had a fairly good point on that last one. Who are we to say what God has created? A thousand years ago, what a great many things people had never dreamed of that we take for granted today.


  1. Oh, this post made me smile so, for my day has been a little trying. Love it!


  2. How precious! Keep giving them their daily doses of literature, Mama!

  3. So cute. I still come across little bits of paper sometimes (on the rare occasion when I tackle cleaning my desk) where I jotted down the cute things my little ones said. It's precious now, and even more so to look back on when they are all grown.

  4. I have a big smile on my face reading the Lucy-isms.

    My children too, spoke bookishly when they were little (and they still do -- my son gets teased on a regular basis because he uses very precise big words. I still remember how funny it was to hear "exasperating" and "cholesterol" used almost correctly in the mouth of a 3-yr-old.

  5. What a delightful post! I love the Lucy-isms, and the comparison between current culture and the timelessness of good literature. Cheers to reading with kids!

  6. What great insight into children and language, Faith. Lucy's mother tongue is indeed a literary tongue...thanks to you and Mark. And regarding fairies: there are many things known to children that adults have yet to understand! Give Lucy a kiss from Nana!

  7. Haha! She sounds just like Miriam and Belle (I hope they can play soon!). :)

  8. I love "Who are we to say what God has created?" I can hear her voice, even though I mourn that when we try to recreate children's real voices, editors or readers usually object that kids don't really talk that way.


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