About Me

Salutations, as my favorite spider would say! And thanks for stopping by.

When I was three years old, I firmly and optimistically decided that I was going to be a wife, a mother, a writer, and a nun when I grew up. (You can blame Tomie dePaola for the last two: I wanted to tell stories just like he did while looking like one of the amazing sisters in his books.) Twenty-some years later, I’ve achieved the first three and decided that maybe I’ll have to live out the last dream through a character someday.

I'm an INFJ, and I love talking about books, art, God, home schooling, food, tea, personality--and pretty much anything that can't be categorized as small talk.

I live in Connecticut, a walk away from the Long Island Sound, with my writer-artist-violin maker-INFJ husband and our six children (plus some chickens and cats).


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