My Books-to-be

OLD-FASHIONED NEWFANGLED GIRLS is a contemporary Middle Grade story about the two oldest of six sisters and the crazy summer they spend mourning their best friend's move, saving up for a horse, and battling against each other in the war to prove which is best: cutting edge technology or good, old-fashioned living. It was mentored and developed in the 2016 Pitch Wars Competition. Here's the first page!

CIRQUE is a Young Adult adventure set in Paris and London during the French Revolution. It was awarded as a finalist in the Tassy Walden Award for New Voices in Children's Literature. Click here to read the first page.

THE WITHERING VINE is Young Adult literary historical fiction set in the Middle Ages. It was awarded as an honorable mention in the Tassy Walden Awards for New Voices in Children's Literature, and you can read the first page here.

I hope you enjoy!

(Note: I am actively seeking representation for these works, so if you're an agent who happened to stop by, feel free to contact me! Yes, I'm totally living in a dream world here.)


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