Awards and Honors

Tassy Walden Awards for New Voices in Children's Literature: 2009 Winner for The Art of Elsewhere

  • Tassy Walden Honorable Mention 2011 for The Withering Vine

  • Tassy Walden finalist 2007 (The Bee Hive), 2008 (The Art of Elsewhere), and 2013 (Cirque)

  • Lots of nice rejections of which I am quite proud :)

(To learn more about Connecicut's Tassy Walden Awards, please visit their page at the Shoreline Arts Alliance website.)

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  1. Hmmmm... all super accomplishments, but aren't you also a winner of the Armed Services YMCA & U.S. Naval Institute's writing contest? That was no small feat for a 14-year old! I know that humility is one of your very noticable virtues, but...