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Review of Ever Eden, a new Catholic literary journal!

I was eleven years old, sitting on the lowest branch of the old beech tree in our back yard, legs dangling over the side while one hand gripped an apple and the other held open my library's copy of Emily Climbs, by L. M. Montgomery. One hand gripped an apple stem, I should say. I was so engrossed in the story of Emily Byrd Starr and her indefatigable quest to become a real, published writer that I'd gnawed away the seeds, core, and all. It was the first time I'd met a character quite so much like myself, down to the crazy dreams and the fiery temperament. I might not have been a raven-haired Canadian orphan, but deep down, Emily and I were basically the same person.

It was also the first time I recall reading of that miraculous, wonderful object: the literary journal. Emily sends her stories week after week, and week after week her manuscripts are returned. Then one day: a thin envelope. An acceptance letter. A few words that change Emily's title from hopeful writer t…

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