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MMGM Review: The Faithful Spy, by John Hendrix

Last week, I reviewed The Enchanted Sonata, a YA book that I was happy to put into the hands of my middle grader. This week, allow me to introduce you to one of the most incredible MG books I have ever read...but which I'm going to wait a while to pass along to my "tender hearted reader."

John Hendrix's The Faithful Spyis a masterful graphic novel (of sorts) true story of "Dietrich Bonhoeffer and Plot to Kill Hitler." If you think a biography of a mild-mannered German Lutheran minister might be dull, you're in for a shock. Without ever being saccharine or pious, Hendrix's rendition of Bonhoeffer's life never shies away from showing his faith--after all, it was central to who he was and how he struggled with the world in which he lived. Rather, this story is all about faith. A faith that allowed radical hope and love to flourish. A faith so extreme that the service and selflessness that followed could be extreme as well. A faith that gave a mild-…

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