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Best Board Books for Toddlers (tested by all six of my children!)

Good morning, all! My dear friend Kelsey has just interviewed me over on her blog, and gave me the chance to share some of my family's favorite board books. While I don't discuss these books for earliest future-readers very often my own blog (just like writing board books is a specific art, so is reviewing them--and Kelsey does it much better than I!), they're nevertheless the ones most often pulled off my shelf, most often cuddled with in bed, most often read and read and read until we all have them memorized. And most often chewed, but that probably isn't influencing your book-buying much unless you're a 6-month-old. ;)

Kelsey's blog is absolutely the first stop you should make if you'd like to learn about the "freshest and finest" in current board book fare (bonus points if you caught that board book reference!), but I thought you might enjoy a quick list of the board books that my family has turned to again and again in the past twelve and a h…

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