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Signs of Life: Creativity & Life's Lovely Messes

Last week, I peeked outside my French doors to see my eight-year-old's legs dangling from the side of the mini-dumpster in our driveway.

"Genevieve!" I called, rushing out. "What on earth are you doing?"

She righted herself, clutching half a broken wicker chair in her hands, her face as innocent as a kitten's. "I needed some materials," she explained. "I'm making something."

We have had this conversation many times before, so please imagine and forgive the exasperation in my voice as I replied: "Ginny...what are you making out of our trash?"

"I'm not sure yet! But I have an idea. I promise I'll clean everything up when I'm done!"

Because the creative side of me and the just-keep-the-house-clean-for-one-blessed-minute side of me are always at war, I stared at her in silence for a moment before giving in. So often that creative side gives in. Even though I suspected her piecrust promise would be broken …

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