Blessed Christmas!

Everything seems to be conspiring to keep me away from the computer this week, so I will take this moment (when all the girls are either napping or playing quietly!) to wish you a truly blessed, happy and merry Christmas!
This year I've been given many reminders that Christmas is, among other things, about the tremendous power of God and the possibility--no, likelihood--of miracles. With that in mind, I'd be very grateful if you would hold my extended family in your prayers this year. In the past three days, as many family members have made trips to the hospital for various causes. Right now my three-month-old nephew is in the neonatal intensive care unit, over an hour away from his home, so my sister can't be with her other three children in these last few days before Christmas. Please, please pray that his doctors will be inspired to help him as he needs and that their family will be together again soon.
May you have many blessings and joys this Christmas season, and may your hearts be ever open to the tremendous love, power, and inspiration of the Child Jesus!


  1. Sending prayers. I hope your nephew has a speedy recovery.

    Merry Christmas!

  2. Sending a thousand prayers to you and yours. I hope your nephew gets well soon. My sister-in-law's husband passed away ten days ago, so it's rather a somber Christmas for us this year. Hoping your family is together for the holidays! Nothing is more important than love and family. Merry Christmas!

  3. Heart going out to them, holding them up in prayer.

  4. Faith, miracles happen all the time. Did you hear about Blessed Katehri (sp? Native American woman)? A few years ago, there was a little boy in WA who was sick and dying from a flesh-eating bacteria and the priest encouraged his parents (father is of the Lummi tribe) to ask Blessed Katehri to intervene ... and the boy began to recover. Doctors cannot explain it. Even they say it's a miracle.

    I am keeping your family in my prayers. Love and God bless. It is truly a blessed Christmas.

    Laura, I am sorry to hear about a death in your family. I will pray for your family as well.

  5. I will definitely be praying, Faith!

    Our nephew, also three months old, just got out of the hospital two weeks ago after emergency surgery for a cyst in his intestines. He's doing so well now. I'll pray that your little nephew is also healed. Yes, this is a difficult time of year to have these sorts of hardships. I'll pray for your whole family.

    And I definitely believe in miracles!

  6. Oh gosh, I do pray he's much better now. My prayers are with you all.


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