I am officially a real writer

At least....temporarily.

See, all non-writers have their own writer stereotypes, but there seem to be a few basic molds:

1) The pipe-smoking, pub-frequenting, Old-English-speaking chap with a library full of leather-bound first editions.

2) The cigarette-smoking, wine-drinking, slightly-sociopathic socialite who has as many lovers as works in progress.

3) The tea-drinking, cottage-dwelling, zany recluse, who writes out stories long-hand on yellow pads, staring into the crackling, cozy fire for inspiration, a lazy cat curled up by his or her feet.

I've been almost fitting into that third category for years now, with one, aching lack.

But thanks to my sister Natalie, who lent me her cat for a few weeks while they are visiting Connecticut, I can fully embrace the stereotype. Unfortunately my camera's batteries died, or I would share a picture with you...and I'm too much the zany recluse to go out and buy more batteries.


  1. I'm definitely not the first two. I don't fit the third one too well either. I don't drink tea (hot cocoa is my warm drink of choice), I don't have a fireplace, I don't live in a cottage, and I don't have a cat. However, I do write in longhand!! So I'm almost a real writer then. ;)

    Happy weekend, Faith!

  2. You forgot the starving artist living in an urban garret, working in the gritty city by day, toiling over words by night. I think I'd fit that one. ;-D

    And good luck keeping the borrowed cat at your feet. My two cats like to sit 1) in my lap 2) on my notes 3) on my keyboard.

  3. Faith, you've been seriously deprived. A cat is *essential* ... just think of Hemingway. They even have a cat named after him! I'm glad your sister has finally remedied the situation. May you have many purry times together.

    Here's a link to inspire you even more: http://writersandkitties.tumblr.com/

  4. Love this.

    I'm partial to the turtle-neck and beret-wearing writers. :)

  5. Yes--there are even more stereotypes than I considered!
    Still, the cat stereotype seems to be proving true. Why else am I suddenly having better writing ideas? :)

  6. That's what I'm forgetting - I need a cat. :)

    Those are very funny!

  7. This blog post cracked me up. So funny. I also think how it's so cliche in movies for everyone to be a writer or know a writer and bam! They get a book sold. According to Hollywood all you need is to drink a glass or wine and watch the sunset and you're book will sell. *rolls eyes*


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