Happy Annunciation! And giveaway winner. :)

Happy March 25th! Today is one of my favorite days of the year... The feast of the Annunciation, the [uncelebrated] feast of St. Margaret Clitherow (my confirmation saint), the day the One Ring was cast into the fires of Mount Doom (don't try to tell me that's not real history...), the traditional date of the first Good Friday....

We celebrated with Mass, a breakfast date, flowers for Mary, making our Consecration to Our Lady (we used the book in the picture below), waffles for dinner, and some Tolkien reading. :)

The only sad note is that I couldn't celebrate my big sister's birthday with her... I miss you, Natalie. Happy birthday! For a girl who loves Mary and Tolkien as much as you do, this really is the perfect birthday. Thanks for spreading your love of both to me!

Okay...now on to the announcement! The winner of Heather Dixon Wallwork's THE ENCHANTED SONATA is...

Danielle! Congratulations! I've emailed Danielle, and hopefully she can crack open her very own copy of The Enchanted Sonata very soon. :)

And a very happy day to all of you! Thanks to everyone who entered, and everyone who stops by in this quiet, little hobbit hole of a blog.


  1. It is a very powerful feast day... one of my favorites, too... the only one besides Christmas where we genuflect at the words of the Creed "... and the Word became flesh, and dwelt amongst us.". Without Mary's fiat, where would we be? A simple affirmative answer that redirected the course of salvation history. What a blessing to have a daughter born on the feast day, and to have children & grandchildren who love it as much as I do!

  2. I love the Annunciation too!!! And that painting--so beautiful!!! Wish it were celebrated in a big way, like Christmas!!! Remember that 3 yrs ago, March 25th and Good Friday coincided. It was so, so...wondrous, I can't put into words.


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