Classic picture books that teach about the world

Reading our way around the world with Jamie C. Martin's Give Your Child the World and her Read the World Book Club has probably been the highlight of my girls' summer so far. (Seriously. They even told their dentist about it.) We've been incorporating fun activities into the reading, like cooking regional food (the week we read about France I probably gained five pounds...well worth it), playing games particular to each area, and--especially--praying for the needs of the people around the world.

The girls made $40 to donate to a school in Kenya. Their grandparents' neighbors were very generous!
I've really enjoyed getting to know new titles from Jamie's recommendations, but my personal highlight has been rediscovering old favorites of my own. Just seeing the covers awakens old memories of flipping through books before I could read the mom reading to my brother and sisters on me on a picnic blanket by our brick front stoop...reading aloud to my own little sisters and cousins before I had my own kids. The number of times our librarian and I have shared a "Ohhh...this one is SO good," over the circulation desk these past few weeks can no longer be counted on my fingers.

Here, then, are some of our very favorites so far:
(You can purchase them by clicking on the images, or jot down a few titles and ask for them at your local bookstore!)

Don't forget to get your own copy of Give Your Child the World to discover books for yourself and your own family!

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  1. Oh... such wonderful memories from my own childhood... buried but resurrected with a glance at the picture of a book cover! Tikki Tikki Tembo, The Story of Ping, and One Morning in Maine.... such timeless classics! (Is that redundant?)

  2. You've listed favorites from my childhood! The Story About Ping, Tikki Tikki Tembo, Anatole, . . . I still have my coveted worn copies, the ones my mother read from. And now I read them to my grandkids.
    I loved hearing about how you incorporate fun activities into the reading. Thank you for the inspiration!


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