Thursday, December 17, 2009

Santa or Shakespeare? (With tongue firmly in cheek)

Did you ever stop to think about how much Santa Claus and Shakespeare have in common?

They are both real people, technically...
But are now the stuff of legends.

No one really knows that much about either one...
And the existence of both has been debated.

They have lent inspiration to thousands of writers and artists and filmakers...cynics and romantics...old and young the world around.

History will never forget them.

Both are known for bestowing priceless gifts, hope, and love to all mankind.

So...this Christmas, I'm asking Shakespeare for gifts.

Please, please, can I have the drive to push through times of fatigue and discouragement?
And the ability to make characters that will be remembered through all time?
And if I could coin some beautiful phrases that will speak so clearly to human nature that they will become figures of speech in 100 years, that would be awesome.

I wish you all a blessed Christmas!

Friday, December 11, 2009

A few things about my favorite writer

He is one of the most brilliant plotters in recent history. He has the ability to come up with brilliant ideas at a moment's notice, can muscle a story into a workable plot with deftness and grace, and can plan a story that brings tears to your eyes while making adventure a page-turn away.

He can craft a sentence that is smooth as seaglass, rich as cheesecake and true as...well...truth. He can also craft sentences as sharp as splinters and as funny as goats. (What, don't you think goats are inherently hilarious?) He's the Analogy King.

You could swear you've met his characters somewhere, they're so real. And you wish you knew them now, they're so lovable. Except, that is, the scary ones, who might make you revert to hiding under your bed.

His stories are wise. They are true, and they are beautiful. They make heaven tangible.

He also has the cutest green eyes.

I love you, Mark. Merry Christmas.

(If you think I'm making stuff up, check out his writing at our writing group blog: He's seriously amazing.)