January QuickLit: What We're Reading

Young Girl Reading, by Jean-Honore Fragonard

Today I'm linking up with Anne at Modern Mrs. Darcy to share what my family has been reading for the last month. I hope you find something to add to your own TBR list--and please share your recent favorites with me in the comments!

Read-aloud with all the kids:

The Trees Kneel at Christmas, by Maud Hart Lovelace.

Let's be honest, I'd be a diehard Maud Hart Lovelace fan if all she ever wrote was Betsy-Tacy. But this little Christmas story may be my very favorite of her books. It's subtle, beautiful, and opens a window into a culture much overlooked today. You should find a copy now while it might be a little cheaper, then save it for next Christmas!

Read-aloud with the littles:

We are on a major Princess in Black kick for some reason. I will admit that I found the first few titles more entertaining than the later ones (perhaps I was used to the humor after a while, so the surprise factor was lost?), but I still think they're fun and funny and delightfully written and illustrated.

Read-aloud with the big kids:

Okay, this is technically a school book, but we have been enjoying The Fallacy Detective so much that my older girls actually beg to read it with me. It's directed toward older kids, but I can think of a few politicians and media gurus who could benefit from reading it. ;)
Highly recommended for homeschoolers, especially!


Village of Scoundrels--reviewed here.

And Aggie Morton, Mystery Queen--reviewed here.

Both worth adding to your list for when they come out next month!


Magic Flutes, by Eva Ibbotson.

I've been needing some nice, relaxing books to tuck into whenever I start feeling the winter blues kick in. This book certainly does the trick. Lighthearted and free of anything I wouldn't let a fifteen-year-old read, it's just right for curling up by a fire and ignoring the gray weather.

Classic (and re-read):

The Innocence of Father Brown, by G. K. Chesterton.

As I mentioned in a recent review, I find murder mysteries strangely relaxing. I am obviously a strange person. But listening to this on audiobook before I fell asleep each night contributed to calm, anxiety-free sleep. Mark's theory is that I like knowing other people's lives are way more complicated than mine. My theory is that I like knowing justice wins. Or maybe I'm just psychotic.


Introduction to Christianity, by Joseph Ratzinger (Pope Emeritus Benedict XVI)
Excellent--I love Ratzinger's clarity and passion.

DK Encyclopedia of Herbal Medicine
For learning more about tea blending!

What are you reading and loving now? Please leave me a note in the comments, because I'm actually tearing through my TBR pile and could use some recommendations!

Note: If you purchase a book from Amazon through clicking through any of the images, I'll receive a tiny percentage of the sale.


  1. The Fallacy Detective sounds like a great idea! I've known many parents who think being good Christian parents means teaching, "This is the truth because I say so," and I think that leads to a much weaker faith than reasoning through ideas and understanding WHY you believe what you do.

    Here are the 5 best books I read in 2019.


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