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Defend us in the Battle (Guest post on Blessed Is She!)

Today, an article of mine is featured on the Blessed is She blog--you can read the teaser below and head over to their site for the full post.
Ah, the glory of the battlefield. My childhood was formed by a thousand tales of skirmishes and battles, knights and soldiers, wars and warfare. Some of them were factual. The best of my history books came blazingly to life in my mind when describing the valor of the opponents of evil in the Second World War. Some of them were fictional. The Battle of Pelennor Fields in Tolkien’s The Lord of the Rings left me wide-eyed with admiration for the heroism of a little hobbit and a young woman who refused to be complacent. Sadly, but necessarily, my growth into maturity brought with it an awareness that battles are hardly picturesque and only glorious in the sense that sometimes they are won. Evil is defeated, good triumphs, God’s will prevails. And that is a beautiful thing, despite the ugliness that it takes to get there. Because that is what war an…

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