Moving house...

Hello, friends,

For the last several months, I've been dreaming up a new direction for my blogging--one focused on celebrating and encouraging creativity in a more organized, determined approach. I'm sure I'll talk about my own writing to some degree, but I realized that I'm far more passionate about highlighting the works and lives of other artists, past and present, as well as those who live creatively in a less "traditional artsy" sort of way.

At first, I thought I'd simply re-direct this space--but upon further reflection, I decided the new blog needed its own home.

So it's good-bye to this old blog after ten years of very intermittent writing. :) I'll keep up all my posts, of course, and I'll be re-posting several on the new site as well.

From now on, I'll be blogging over at I'd be so pleased if you'd visit over there and leave a comment so it doesn't look quite so lonely! Finally, would you mind sharing the site or a favorite post with your friends, or a particular friend, on social media? While I'm okay with staying small, I hope that my words will impact those who need to hear them!

Thank you!


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