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If this post were a blanket, it would be a crazy quilt. :) Forgive me for hobbling together a bunch of small items, but item #1 is my excuse.

1) Blogger hates me.
I've been SO GOOD at writing posts and putting pictures up with them, and then Blogger randomly won't let me post. Here's hoping this one goes up! I hate change like toddlers hate baby gates, but I may need to look into a different hosting site soon. Recommendation for how to go about this?

2) I'm a Pitch Wars mentee!
If you haven't heard of the tremendous event/contest/opportunity that is Pitch Wars, you should probably head over to Brenda Drake's website and read  up on its amazingness. To be true to my post title, all I'll say here is that I'll be working with my mentor Joy McCullough-Carranza to whip my middle grade novel, OLD-FASHIONED NEWFANGLED GIRLS into shape before the agent round in early November. I have a lot of work ahead of me, but Joy is a brilliant mentor and could totally edit books for a living full time. I feel very honored to be working with her, and thrilled to have this help and motivation to get my novel to its best. For me at least, deadline + encouragement = good results. :)

3) I just can't get through Old Yeller, guys. I'm sorry, Dad. I'm still trying. But I had an easier time with Aristotle's Nicomachean Ethics. How long does it take for Travis to get more likable? He does, right? Please? I've plowed through the first half, but I can't seem to get through more than two pages at a time.

4) My other summer reading plans have been a bit easier. In particular, P. G. Wodehouse's The Girl in Blue was delightful and hilarious, and Mansfield Park is a lesson in character. (Austen never disappoints.)

5) We start school on Labor Day, and I'm so excited because: LATIN and WRITING and SHAKESPEARE and DIAGRAMMING SENTENCES. We have a bouquet of freshly sharpened pencils at the ready.

 What have you all been up to as summer ends?


  1. Hah! Blogger hates me too. Won't let me comment without jumping through hoops and sometimes not even then. Half the time it thinks I'm a robot :( But I am soooo stoked about you winning a mentee spot!!! I imagine it's highly competitive so congratulations!!! And how fun that you have Latin and Writing and Shakespeare and Diagramming sentences on the agenda for your girls. Our Osso book never showed up that I preordered last year. I wonder whether the project is canceled :( V.

  2. I've been thinking of switching to a new website service like Wix or something. Haven't done it yet, but I'm a little tired of the limited capabilities of Blogger.

    We started school August 16, I believe, and my daughter is a junior this year. She's got some hard classes: chemistry, accounting, and algebra. UGH. But she's doing well and likes her teachers. I'm just really glad that autumn is right around the corner. The summer heat was unbearable!


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